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Watch Ronda Rousey Suspended from WWE After Launching an Attack

Ronda Rousey is Suspended from WWE After Launching an Attack

Ronda Rousey is clearly the Queen of the Octagon, however can this historic UFC fighter make history in the WWE? Rousey made her professional wrestling debut in April, at the biggest stage of them all – WrestleMania.

After one of the highest rated debut matches in professional wrestling, Rousey made it clear to the world that she was serious about making history in WWE. Her second professional wrestling match occured on Sunday Night at WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV.

While this match pitting Ronda Rousey up against Nia Jax was okay, it wasn’t as spectacular as her debut match at WrestleMania. 

Towards the end of the match the gorgeous Alexa Bliss cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase, and well the rest is history. Alexa Bliss won the Women’s Championship and Ronda Rousey… didn’t lose her match?

One night after Alexa Bliss cashed in her Women’s Money in the Bank contract to become Raw Women’s Champion, The Baddest Woman on the Planet Ronda Rousey goes on a rampage that has repercussions.

Watch Ronda Rousey Suspended from WWE After Launching an Attack Below!

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LeBron James signs four-year, $153.3 million deal with Lakers

LeBron James signs four-year, $153.3 million deal with Lakers

Today it’s not Kim Kardashian for once who is breaking the internet but rather NBA all-star LeBron James.

Earlier today it was revealed by ESPN, that LeBron James had singed a four-year deal with the Lakers worth a wopping $153.3 million.

The announcement was made through his agency, Klutch Sports Group, which announced the deal as $154 million (clearly the agency doesn’t realize you are suppose to round down when you have a .3 decimal!)

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst revealed that the fourth year is a player option. It is the longest deal James has signed since inking a six-year contract with the Miami Heat in 2010. His previous three deals were three years or shorter.

“Words do not express the meaning and the feeling this accomplishment brought to the people of Northeast Ohio,” Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said in a lengthy statement thanking James. “None of this would have happened if LeBron James did not agree to come back home and lead the Cavaliers to the promised land.

“LeBron is a family man, first. We wish his kids, his wife, Savannah, his mother, Gloria, and LeBron himself nothing but the best in the years and decades ahead. LeBron’s connection to Akron, Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio will most certainly endure as his commitment to the region and his support of many important causes has been impactful to so many kids and families.

“LeBron, you came home and delivered the ultimate goal. Nothing but appreciation and gratitude for everything you put into every moment you spent in a Cavaliers uniform. We look forward to the retirement of the famous #23 Cavs jersey one day down the line …”


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Are John Cena and Nikki Bella Back Together?

Are John Cena and Nikki Bella Back Together?

Just over a month ago we revealed that WWE Superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up ( you can click here to find out why Nikki Bella broke up with John Cena.)

Since their break-up both John Cena and Nikki Bella have been on a media frenzy, one for her reality TV show, and the other for his blockbuster movies.

John Cena has made it clear in these interviews, that he will stop at nothing to win Nikki Bella back, and it looks like it actually worked.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are finally back on the road to reconciliation!

A source told us that “they’re basically back together.”

“They both got a wake-up call once they canceled the wedding, and they both realized they could fix what was broken,” the source revealed.

“They never stopped talking,” a source told People Magazine. “Other than the actual wedding weekend, when they took some space, they have been talking.”

John had made it clear on NBC’s “Today” show that he wanted to have a family with Nikki and still wanted to marry her. If you watch Total Divas or Total Bella’s than you already know that this is exactly what Nikki wanted to hear.

“He has poured his heart out to her, and she was more than ready to take him back once she heard what she needed to hear,” the source from People Magazine added. “He’s been saying and doing all the right things.”

As seen below, TMZ spotted the couple in San Diego over the weekend, and it looks like we may see the power couple together again real soon for good!


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Is John Cena Trying to Win Nikki Bella Back? Watch John Cena Opens Up On His Split From Nikki Bella

Is John Cena Trying to Win Nikki Bella Back? John Cena Opens Up On His Split From Nikki Bella

Is John Cena trying to win back former WWE Diva/Fiance Nikki Bella? John Cena appeared on the Today Show yesterday morning (and today) and opened up about his recent split from Nikki Bella.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcome special guest co-host John Cena, who speaks frankly about his split with his fiancée, Nikki Bella. “I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” he says. “I still love Nicole.” But he adds that he’s grateful for his six years by her side.

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